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Top 3 Mistakes Starting An Online Business

Posted on 11-6-2014 by Brendon O'Sullivan

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Each year I speak to dozens of entrepreneurs looking to launch their business on-line, with not only a presence but including eCommerce, or custom 'line-of-business' application.

Sadly, we've seen many of these fail - not due to technology - but due to unrealistic expectations.

We've identified the following as the Top 3 Mistakes that are commonly made when setting up an on-line business.

1. Have A Hard Conversation With Yourself

Setting up business is hard work, offline as well as on-line; do you recall what was involved with setting up your premises - the fit-out, choosing furniture, installing phone lines, internet and other services?

Did it take twice as long and cost twice as much? There were headaches right?! 

Are you ready to go through the same again to launch your business on-line?

2. Don't Assume Your On-line Business 'Works Like Magic'

Also, and unfortunately, 'build it and they will come' is not a game plan for a successful on-line business. 

The technology required to drive your business on-line, and manage it from the back-office, is normally complex, sophisticated and unfortunately prone to both technical and user errors - you will need to spend time understanding how it works, how its maintained and will require your patience. 

(This is probably the biggest problem we see) 

3. Setting Unrealistic Revenue Expectations

Generating income and meeting budgets is gazing into a crystal ball; it's rare that income comes as easily or as quickly as you would hope.

First you need to attract customers, then you have to convert customers to sales, then you have to retain those customers. 

Our own business has been powering away at this for the past 15 years and we fully appreciate that it's hard work. 

Complaining about the failure of any of the above as a result of not being realistic is not a strategy for a successful business.

Rather, be honest with yourself and appreciate that on-line success comes as a result of investing in a lot of work, time, cost and the effort that is understanding the engine that powers your on-line business to success. 

New Client Service Portal

Posted on 13-5-2014 by Brendon O'Sullivan

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Announcing our new Client Service Portal!

We've recently introduced our Client Service Portal that tracks all your subscriptions, work requests, projects and help tools all in one easy to use location, contact us to trigger your access!

How Heartbleed affects you

Posted on 11-4-2014 by Brendon O'Sullivan

Friday, April 11, 2014

What is Heartbleed?

Put simply it is a flaw (bug) that allows access, to external 'parties', to the Random Access Memory (RAM) of two thirds of all servers (running OpenSSL) on the internet.

This flaw has been happening now for 2 years.

Admittedly, ONLY information in RAM can be accessed, however the concern is that compiling data over a 2 year period allows sufficient time to trawl through gathered information.

What You Need To Do

The immediate request made by service providers is that you change your password to most, if not all your online services.

Nearly all big name services have been affected including Facebook, Google, eBay, Amazon, Dropbox, Yahoo ... the list goes on and on.

For our Adobe Business Catalyst client's please read

Read more at and to see if you online service provider has been affected you can test at

Update Your Browser Settings

In addition to internet servers being affected, it is strongly recommended that you change your browser settings to only trust corrected SSL certificates (below is Chrome as it accounts for nearly 60% of all web browsers used)


1. Click on the Chrome Control & Customisation button 

2. Settings > + Show advanced settings  

3. Tick 'Check for server certificate revocation'

Want To Know More?

For a deep dive into the details and implications of Heartbleed read more at;

Is your Business ready for Google Wearables? Watch!

Posted on 21-3-2014 by Brendon O'Sullivan

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ok, Google.

Is your business ready for Google Now and Google Wearables such as the new Android powered Google Glass and upcoming new Google Watch?

Google has announced its Android Wear operating system for mobile devices that is designed specifically for wearable technology such as smart watches and allows for voice control of the technology.

If you're unsure how it works, Google Now uses contextual (voice) search in the latest version of Chrome, Google Nexus tablets and some Google Android powered Smartphones.

Still catching up and don't know about Google Now? Then watch this quick intro ...

Excited yet? This is how Google will help your viewers connect with you and your business online.

You better get focussed because the Watch will be available in Australia later this year!

Admin Console Changes

Posted on 26-2-2014 by Leanne O'Sullivan

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dashboard look different?

If you have not been using the new interface, the changeover we have been advising since last year has finally occured.

If you need a refresher on where everything is - revisit our video from May 2013 to find out where you can find everything. 

Email Marketing Metrics

Posted on 19-2-2014 by Leanne O'Sullivan

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are you keeping tabs on what is happening with your email campaigns?

If you are like me, then probably not as regularly as you should. It is not uncommon for business owners to take time to prepare the campaign and then forget to check on the results of the campaign.

Make sure after every email campaign you check on your results. It is almost as important as the actual campaign!

Without understanding what is actually happening when clients receive our email marketing campaigns, all that time and energy that we put into them will be for nought! 

Adobe Business Catalyst is great for pulling all this information together for you. Once your campaign is sent, your reporting dashboard is displayed, ready for you to see the results of your campaign as they come in.

You can track:
  • Opens
  • Unsubscribes
  • Actions - the holy grail of conversion, we got one!
  • Most popular links
  • Bounces - both hard and soft

Each item can be easily exported to a spreadsheet for further reporting and analysis.

Make sure you follow this steps after sending out your email marketing campaigns because understanding what is really going on as a result of your campaigns you could be focussing your precious time and energy in the wrong place.

How to Connect With Us

Posted on 18-2-2014 by Leanne O'Sullivan

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These days the methods that people receive communication from their suppliers and clients continues to expand at an alarming rate.

We felt it was timely to draw your attention to all the ways you can connect with us, find information , ask us for help, or just see what training is on the horizon!

Firstly - contacting us

  • The best way is to email This email comes straight into our client portal for attention. This is a shared email, so even if your usual contact is on leave, a member of our team will contact you as soon as they can to assist you.
  • Our new client portal. What is the client portal? Very soon your account manager will contact you to step you through what it is and how it works. It will allow you to stay on top of all your subscriptions with us, your service requests, our training sessions, helpful online training videos and much more. It will also allow you to log work with and track it's progress in real time.
  • Want to chat? No problem, please call your account manager, they would love to talk to you about your business. Not sure you have one yet? Don't worry you do, we expanded our team last year to ensure that all clients had a dedicated account manager to speak to.

Secondly - Connect with us

  • What's your communication method of choice? What is your social media channel of choice? We have you covered. We aim to communicate all our training, webtips, new online videos, news and advice via all channels at our disposal, so there is bound to be something here that suits you.

Thirdly - Stay in touch with our training

Understanding your Member Area

Posted on 12-2-2014 by Leanne O'Sullivan

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Often clients are stumped when adding new members to a secure zone at their website, they can forget to subscribe them into the correct area.

Once in the correct area, they then can be puzzled if access is not granted, or their clients see funny messages when trying to access the page.

So some quick tips to remember when given access to a member area for your clients

1. When setting up user names and passwords - make sure you SUBSCRIBE your client into the correct area. If you have more than one secure zone, double check that they are going into the correct area.

2. When subscribing them into a section, make sure you set the expiry date if relevant.

Some messages for you and your members

  • Access Denied - This means that you have logged in incorrectly - normally it means your password is incorrect
  • Access Expired - This means that your did have access, but not any longer!
  • Unauthorised Access - this message refers to people trying to access content that is within a member area and they need to log in to view it.
In Adobe Business Catalyst all of these messages can be personalised to suit your business, for a member based site these are often great opportunities to build engagement or to be Calls to Action for potential members.

Secure vs Unsecure Media Downloads

Posted on 10-2-2014 by Leanne O'Sullivan

Monday, February 10, 2014
When working with Media Downloads in #adobebusinesscatalyst in a member area, it is not enough to just remove them from your member page when they are no longer needed.

If you want people at the public site to see these - then they must remain unsecure.

If you do not want people to access them, BUT still have them stored at the site, they need to be disabled.

If they are no longer needed, you need to delete them entirely.

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You can also join our regular Tuesday - Talk to a Texpert sessions.

More information can be found here

Business Catalyst & Xero

Posted on 20-12-2013 by Leanne O'Sullivan

Friday, December 20, 2013

We have had a significant transformation in our office at the start of this financial year - we made the leap from our normal network based accounting package and put the final piece of our business administration into the cloud.

We discovered XERO and have been in love ever since!

We love many things about XERO but what we love the most is how we could seamlessly integrate our website with XERO to automatically push new purchases with all data required across into our accounts.

No more double handling!

It is absolutely fantastic for our event system and we have started to roll this out for other clients who have also discovered the magic of accounting in the cloud and XERO in particular.

If you have XERO why not chat to us today about getting BC and XERO together.

We know you will love it too!

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