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Lawson Communications 2011


With Lawson Communications undergoing something of a transition period, they have embraced Social Media and other forms of electronic marketing with a new tailored Pulsar Package.

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So much about communication - particularly in agriculture - begins (and ends) with a handshake. A firm grip - but not too firmhence the introduction of their new Blog – The Handshake, complete with floating image.

An Email Marketing System was also integrated, allowing the team to communicate their broad range of products and services to their increasing database. The system also increases email deliverability and decreases spam. Reports may be generated on open rates, along with links to the website, bounce backs and unsubscribes.

Social Media has been integrated with Facebook Like & Share, Twitter & Re-Tweet buttons embedded into the Home Page. Live Twitter feeds feature hots topics and encourage interaction with their website, optimising search engines and increasing site visits.

A Google Analytics account was established, with the code embedded into all templates. This product also includes a weekly report. In addition to this Hitsniffer has also been established which includes a live dashboard and daily summary report. Finally, a SEO footer will be embedded in all template pages of the website, optimising all third party searches.

Amy and her team will use their new Pulsar Package to assist her rural client base when developing original and savvy campaigns to achieve their targeted goals.

  • Email Marketing System
  • Blog
  • Facebook-Like & Share Buttons
  • Twitter- Retweet & live Twitter Feed
  • Google Analytics Account
  • SEO Footer
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